HSLayers bug fixing

Added by Přemysl Vohnout over 4 years ago

HSLayers developer team has been working heavily on hardending latest version of HSlayers.

During october was made a lot of changes in latest version of HSLayers:
  • Better integration of TreeLayer in LayerSwitcher
  • Translations
  • A lot of bug fixes.

HSLayers mailing list

Added by Přemysl Vohnout over 6 years ago

HSLayers has new mailing list. Registration can be done here

HSLayers 3.4 released

Added by Přemysl Vohnout over 6 years ago

New version of HSLayers was released. Biggest change is tri-state layerswitcher, Changelog can be found here

Released new version HSLayers 3.3.1

Added by Anonymous about 7 years ago

HSLayers 3.3.1 released New minor release see


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