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07:30 AM HSLayers-NG Task #5596 (Rejected): Add possibility to display time WMS
We need it urgently for OTM. This is needed before Riga hack Karel Charvat


09:58 AM HSLayers-NG Bug #5557 (Closed): On SPOI is not working search
f I am on searching for Mauritius and then selecting object (Island or In... Karel Charvat


10:43 PM HSLayers-NG Task #5525 (Closed): Publish HSLayers API on SDI4Apps Blog
Please add one or two sentences about API and publish it on http... Karel Charvat


11:54 AM HSLayers-NG Bug #5410 (Closed): In Iliada application disapear zoom
Karel Charvat


05:08 AM HSLayers-NG Bug #5410 (Closed): In Iliada application disapear zoom
Look on There diasapear buttons for Zoom and search button is shifted to layer manager Karel Charvat


03:54 PM HSLayers-NG Task #5268 (Closed): Add cleaning button also for extended search
Cleaning button should be also available in form for external search Karel Charvat
03:12 PM HSLayers-NG Feature #5267 (Closed): Make Extended search more logical
If I am oppening extended search, there is the previous request in simple search. Here I see two options:
or clean t...
Karel Charvat
03:04 PM HSLayers-NG Bug #5266 (Closed): The button X in basic matadata form is not working
If I am quering metadata using some full text search, then X button doesnt react and clean the form Karel Charvat


02:37 PM HSLayers-NG Bug #5244 (Closed): Catalogue serch error
If I am using advanced search and then I am traing used simple search it doesnt work. System remember advanced search Karel Charvat
02:34 PM HSLayers-NG Bug #5242: Here is error message on this WMS
But then it is problem of catalogue search. To avoid user problem, we need provide some cleaning as in SuperCat. Now ... Karel Charvat

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