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10:12 PM HSLayers-NG Revision 737e7ab8 (hslayersng): Fixed mobile geolocation toolbar button still being displayed in the desktop app
Šimon Leitgeb
10:08 PM HSLayers-NG Revision 6e74d3f1 (hslayersng): changes to toolbar to display geolocation button on toolbar only in mobile version
Šimon Leitgeb


03:26 PM HSLayers-NG Revision 571a6428 (hslayersng): Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
Šimon Leitgeb
03:15 PM HSLayers-NG Revision a1e285ba (hslayersng): Minor changes to fit Cordova app.
Šimon Leitgeb


04:58 PM HSLayers-NG Revision 328174fb (hslayersng): resolved issue #5075 by including a condition which tests if a use_proxy variable is set to true or is undefined, in which case a proxy is used for external URL requests. If use_proxy is set to false (applies to cordova app projects), just URL is used instead to provide the same functionality.
Šimon Leitgeb


04:18 PM HSLayers-NG Revision f54bfa1f (hslayersng): removed code to handle cordova geolocation plugin as the mobile app uses a file different from geolocation.js
Šimon Leitgeb


04:11 PM HSLayers-NG Bug #5062 (Closed): Circle representning accuracy of geolocation overlays itself after every click on the geolocation button
Every time the geolocation button is clicked, a new instance of accuracy circle is created overlaying itself, obscuri... Šimon Leitgeb


09:48 PM HSLayers-NG Revision c8de73cd (hslayersng): geolocation component changes (not working yet)
Šimon Leitgeb


02:51 PM HSLayers-NG Revision 665d8bd1 (hslayersng): minor changes to geolocation component for cordova geolocation (not finished yet)
Šimon Leitgeb
01:24 PM HSLayers-NG Revision 1e06ac87 (hslayersng): Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
Šimon Leitgeb

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