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05:51 PM HSLayers-NG Bug #5094 (Closed): Feature info sometimes display offscreen
If I select feature near top edge of the map window, the feature info displays competely offscreen. I must scroll up ... Karel Charvát jr.


10:24 AM HSLayers-NG Bug #5086 (Closed): Attribution covers scalebar, when expanded.
Attribution covers scalebar. Attribution shouldn't be transparent, when expanded, or scalebar should change position.... Karel Charvát jr.


08:13 PM HSLayers-NG Bug #4801: Toolbar covers info icon
Yes, the icon in lower Right corner. But at this moment, the icon is completely gone Karel Charvát jr.


03:23 PM HSLayers-NG Bug #4801 (Rejected): Toolbar covers info icon
On Samsung Galaxy s5 mini in Samsung's browser (no specific name of the browser) the toolbar covers info icon after ... Karel Charvát jr.
03:08 PM HSLayers-NG Bug #4800 (Closed): Search field is missing x to close the listbox on android devices
The listbox with sugested results remains shown unless you select one of the offered options and there is no possibil... Karel Charvát jr.

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